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Yamaha Soprano Venova Casual Wind Instrument with Case (YVS-100)


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The Yamaha Venova Casual Wind Instrument with Case (YVS-100) is an innovative musical instrument designed for both beginners and experienced players. Crafted by Yamaha, it combines the portability of a recorder with the expressive capabilities of a saxophone.
The Venova features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and play anywhere. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while the included custom-designed case enhances portability and protection for musicians on the go.
Boasting a distinctive branched pipe structure, the Venova produces a rich and expressive sound, falling between a woodwind and a brass instrument. This versatility allows players to explore various musical genres with ease.
Equipped with a comfortable synthetic reed, the Yamaha Venova offers a smooth and responsive playing experience. The intuitive fingering system makes it accessible for beginners, while its high-quality craftsmanship and Yamaha’s reputation for excellence make it a compelling choice for musicians seeking a portable, versatile, and enjoyable wind instrument.


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