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Julius Weissenborn -Capriccio Opus 14 for Bassoon and Piano – International Music Company (1585)


Antonio Vivaldi -Concerto in D minor, RV 481 for Bassoon and Piano – International Music Company (2485) (Copy)

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Julius Weissenborn’s “Capriccio, Opus 14” for Bassoon and Piano, published by International Music Company under catalog number 1585, is a captivating and expressive composition that holds a special place within the bassoon repertoire. Julius Weissenborn, a German composer and bassoonist, was celebrated for his contributions to music, and this “Capriccio” is a shining example of his ability to craft engaging and delightful works.

The “Capriccio, Opus 14” is characterized by its lively and playful character, making it a delightful showcase for the bassoon. Weissenborn’s composition offers both technical challenges and expressive opportunities, allowing the bassoonist to display their virtuosity and musical artistry. The piano accompaniment provides a lively and supportive foundation for the bassoon, enhancing the overall musical experience.

This capriccio is well-suited for performances in various settings, from recitals and concerts to educational contexts. It is a piece that combines technical demands with a sense of musicality and charm, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience for both the performer and the audience.

As part of International Music Company’s catalog, this capriccio ensures that Julius Weissenborn’s work continues to be appreciated and enjoyed by bassoonists and music enthusiasts. It is a valuable addition to the bassoon repertoire, inviting musicians to connect with the playful and expressive qualities of this instrument and Weissenborn’s compositions.

In summary, Julius Weissenborn’s “Capriccio, Opus 14” for Bassoon and Piano (International Music Company Catalog Number 1585) is a delightful and engaging work that allows bassoonists to immerse themselves in the playful and expressive world of the bassoon. It stands as a testament to Weissenborn’s contributions to music and provides an entertaining and memorable musical journey for both performers and listeners.

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