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  • Giuseppe Maria Jacchini’s “Sonata for Two Trumpets and Piano,” published by International Music Company catalog number 3086


    Giuseppe Maria Jacchini’s Sonata for Two Trumpets and Piano, published by International Music Company catalog number 3086

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  • Giuseppe Maria Jacchini’s “Sonata No. 2 for Two C Trumpets & Piano,” International Music Company catalog number 2519


    Giuseppe Maria Jacchini’s “Sonata No. 2 for Two C Trumpets & Piano,” published by International Music Company under catalog number 2519, is a splendid composition that exemplifies the beauty of chamber music for brass instruments. This sonata is a gem in the trumpet and piano repertoire, offering a harmonious interplay between the two C trumpets and the accompanying piano.

    Jacchini’s Sonata No. 2 showcases his compositional skill and keen understanding of the C trumpet’s capabilities, allowing both trumpet players to shine individually and in harmony. The piece consists of multiple movements, each with its own distinct character, from expressive melodies to lively and spirited passages. The two C trumpets engage in delightful dialogues, demonstrating their versatility, range, and expressive capacity.

    With the accompaniment of the piano, Jacchini’s sonata gains depth and richness, creating a balanced and dynamic musical experience. The piano part provides a supportive foundation, enhancing the overall texture and musicality of the piece, while also offering moments for pianistic virtuosity.

    This composition serves as a valuable addition to the repertoire of C trumpet duets and chamber music, providing both aspiring and professional trumpeters with an excellent opportunity to develop their ensemble playing skills and explore the nuances of balance, phrasing, and musical interpretation.

    Giuseppe Maria Jacchini’s Sonata No. 2 for Two C Trumpets & Piano, International Music Company No. 2519, is a testament to his contribution to the world of brass chamber music. This work combines technical challenges and musical expressiveness, making it a perfect choice for recitals, studio performances, or simply for the joy of playing music with fellow musicians. Whether you are a C trumpet player seeking an engaging duet or a pianist looking for a collaborative piece, this sonata provides a delightful musical journey filled with virtuosity and artistic expression.

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