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  • Toca Percussion Cowbell Eric Valez Signature Nuyorican Cha Cha (4925-NB)


    The Toca Percussion Cowbell Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Cha Cha (4925-NB) is a masterfully crafted percussion instrument that embodies the dynamic spirit of Latin rhythms, particularly the vibrant and infectious Cha Cha. Developed in collaboration with the renowned percussionist Eric Velez, this signature cowbell is a testament to precision engineering and artistic expression.

    Key Features:

    Signature Design: Bearing the name of Eric Velez, a distinguished figure in the world of percussion, this cowbell is meticulously designed to reflect his unique playing style and preferences.

    Nuyorican Cha Cha Sound: Tailored for the distinctive rhythms of the Cha Cha, the cowbell delivers a crisp and cutting sound, allowing percussionists to articulate the nuances of this iconic Latin dance style with precision.

    Premium Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this cowbell ensures durability and a resonant, clear tone. The choice of metals and the precise shaping contribute to a bell that not only looks impressive but also delivers a superior sonic experience.

    Versatile Application: Whether you’re playing in a Latin ensemble, jazz band, or any musical setting that demands the unmistakable sound of a cowbell, the Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Cha Cha cowbell excels in versatility and musicality.

    Visual Appeal:
    The cowbell features an eye-catching design, reflecting the vibrancy of Latin music. The signature model is not only a powerful musical tool but also a statement piece that stands out on stage.

    Eric Velez Legacy:
    As a signature model, this cowbell pays homage to the legacy and expertise of Eric Velez, making it an ideal choice for percussionists who seek to capture the essence of his musical artistry.

    Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring percussionist, the Toca Percussion Cowbell Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Cha Cha (4925-NB) is an instrument of choice for those who appreciate precision, quality, and the rich traditions of Latin percussion.

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